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What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

It’s not what you think

Anti-trans activists, influencers, and journalists often seek to make their views more palatable to “normies” who may not be up to date on the grinding, seething minutiae of the online gender discourse by framing their views as much more innocent than they really are.

A prime example of this is…

Getting “Cancelled” has become a mark of prestige within certain, more radicalized segments of the population, especially for those insulated with cash

Dave Chappelle is touring the nation to discuss cancel culture. “If this is what being canceled is, I love it!

The term “cancel culture” has been in our vernacular since 2016 and is often used as a shield by celebrities and politicians who demonstrate harmful behavior to dismiss critics as…

National or foreign policy, the tone set in legislation changes the themes of our lives, especially the lives of those who are most underserved

America’s ongoing border crisis reached headlines yet again when a video surfaced of an altercation between border patrol agents and Haitian refugees at the Del Rio, Texas borderline. The video and subsequent photos show U.S. officials using horses to coral Haitian refugees on foot, many of whom had been traveling…

The Conspirituality Report

How yoga, life coaching, and MLM sales can make for a toxic blend

Abridged from Conspirituality Podcast Episode 74: “Elena Brower Could Stop Selling doTERRA.” Full episode includes interview clips.

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From 2012 to 2017, I worked as a yoga teacher and trainer at a swanky downtown Toronto yoga studio. Posh neighbourhood. High-end retail space on the…

And that’s its biggest problem and challenge for the 21st century

The far-right is on the rise everywhere, not just in the United States.

In the Argentinian primary elections in September, the ruling Peronist coalition party, Frente de Todos (FdT), was dealt a massive surprise in the villas miseria, or slums, of the capital.

Peronism usually loses elections in the rich…


The older I get the more clear it becomes to me that most of how we think about world events is rooted in our unique point-of-view, our specific vantage point, the cultural and political context in which we were raised. This is not a mind-blowing realization. It is one of…

Over a decade and a half ago, Josh Marshall described the phenomenon that he came to call “dominance politics”. The purpose of dominance politics is to attack, attack, attack, and make it appear that the opponent has not fought back. To quote Marshall, “Someone who can’t or won’t defend themselves…

And it’s a serial killing

Last May, the profitable Chicago Tribune was acquired by the notorious vulture firm Alden Global Capital. They suffered waves of downsizing, including a sell-off of the iconic Tribute Building. Today, a skeleton crew puts out the Trib from “a newsroom the size of a Chipotle.”

In a long, deeply reported…

The good, the bad, the ugly

As a 21-year-old college student, I worked for a year at a gun store in Southern California from 2013–2014. Full transparency, I’d never once considered working at a gun store, in fact, I knew pretty much nothing about guns or any gun-related topics at the time.

In fact, at this…

The U.S. economic system is a hellish Squid Game — why do we keep playing?

Why are more Americans watching a South Korean TV series than any other show on Netflix, a series that looks to become the most popular show on Netflix ever?

Maybe because “Squid Game,” a fable of cruel hyper-capitalist brutality and selfishness, strikes a chord in our own hyper-capitalist country of…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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