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The controversial and highly contested Senate Rule 22

This article provides an insight into the origins of and rationale for the controversial and highly contested Senate Rule 22. Or, more commonly known as the “filibuster”. By focusing on the rule’s historical significance, it enables us to understand how the rule emerged and developed into a ubiquitously applied Senate…

The prime suspect? Blandness.

It’s quite a popular talking point amongst modern conservatives that Europe is in irreversible decline. Probably the most commonly given reason for this belief is that mass migration, especially from the Middle East and North Africa, is eroding traditional European customs and beliefs. The best-known exponent of such views is…

White men are empowered to play law enforcer — Rittenhouse and those celebrating him got the same systemic memo

Image: frank_peters, Shutterstock, standard license, purchased by author

In the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, there’s plenty enough frustration and anger to spread around.

First, at Rittenhouse, for traveling across state lines and patrolling the streets of Kenosha with an assault rifle to “defend property,” not his own, against potential looters following the police shooting of Jacob…

How modern-day service work and 19th-century farm labor may be more similar than you realize

Photo by Tim Douglas from Pexels

In the 19th century, more than 70% of the American labor force worked in agriculture. Today, when we think about that work — the cyclicality of harvest times, how external factors like the weather can create constant uncertainty about one’s income, the physical toll of the labor — we might…

Leave your bubble, get out in the U.S.A. — it’s too easy to fear and loathe people you encounter only second-hand, on screens

A hamlet in Appalachia, photo by Michael Williamson

How very American of America to swipe an ancient phrase referring to the outcome of war — from the Latin status quo ante bellum, things as they were before a war — and then shrink and redefine it to make it American, referring exclusively to life in our South before…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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