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A Local Realtor Is Using Pepe and the “Plandemic” to Advertise

How do we create communities where this can’t happen?

This billboard is currently off the state highway in my town, put up by a local realtor working at a mainstream realty company. The billboard reads “Tired of the Plandemic? Move to the country!” and has an image of Pepe the Frog holding a phone.

The other day, a friend sent me a photo of the billboard from the side of the road in my hometown. It was put up by a local realtor and read: “Tired of the Plandemic? Move to the country!” and implored viewers to contact him. Next to the text was an image of Pepe the…




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Gwen Frisbie-Fulton

Mother. Southerner. Storyteller. Bread and Roses. #race #class #poverty #gender #equity #children #egalitarianorganizing #bottomupstorytelling *views my own*

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