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Inside Kelly Brogan’s Covid-Denying, Vax-Resistant Conspiracy Machine

Alt-health meets alt-right in the ‘conspirituality’ movement

On April 27, “holistic psychiatrist” Kelly Brogan, MD, a former Goop contributor whose latest book was blurbed by Marianne Williamson, sat in front of a webcam at the right hand of her husband Sayer Ji, the founder of the pseudoscience, anti-vax website Awash in soft Florida light, the couple declared they would be deploying their marriage to power a new Covid-denialism media empire.

Brogan and Ji offer data and emotion, studies and supplements, memes and breathing exercises. They want to purify the world of GMOs, vaccines, masks, “victim narratives,” and fear itself.

Brogan and Ji are at the forefront of the burgeoning political-religious movement dubbed “conspirituality,” the strange lovechild of alt-right conspiracists and New Age wellness influencers. Throughout the couple’s social media, they glow in a yin-yang swirl of panic and panacea, libertarian swagger and new-age equanimity, techno belligerence and yogic enlightenment. They offer data and emotion, studies and supplements, memes and breathing exercises. They want to purify the world of GMOs, vaccines, masks, “victim narratives,” and fear itself. They fret about the microwaves that beam their content to their followers’ devices, then shoo the toxins away with slogans like “Community is Immunity.”

Polling now shows that up to 50% of respondents now have reservations about the safety and efficacy of a future Covid vaccine.

Ji’s own GreenMedInfo attracts up to 1 million visitors per month. Presented as a biohacker index of 50,000 alt-health journal articles, it was ready-made for the “Do Your Research!” edict of the age. In late August, Ji, who got his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Rutgers, threw the weight of his site behind Plandemic 2 with a promo video in which he lauded the director, Mikki Willis, as his “very close friend” and “hero.” He noted that Willis’ star subject, anti-vax activist Judy Mikovits, PhD, has served on the GreenMedInfo advisory board.

Kelly Brogan

“She’s extremely charismatic. She’s extremely beautiful. How could she be real? She’s too perfect.”

Jillian came to Brogan in 2018 at the age of 35 for help in completing her taper from Lexapro, an antidepressant she’d been taking for 13 years. Under psychiatric guidance, Jillian had already reduced her dosage by half. But like many who try to taper beyond that, she had plateaued and was starting to feel symptoms of withdrawal.

“Tapering off psychiatric medication is a soul calling,” Brogan writes. “It is a choice that you feel magnetized toward and will stop at nothing to pursue.”

Whitaker also explained that Brogan’s emphasis on holistic transformation resonates with an emerging language of recovery spoken within the psychiatric survivor community. Tapering off of medication, Whitaker noted, is spoken of as an “existential experience.”

Sayer Ji

The Centre for Combating Digital Hate advises digital hygiene in response to disinformation-spreaders. Don’t engage with them; block them; report them.

Ji seems to be playing chicken with Facebook’s own moderators, perhaps gambling that being deplatformed could pay off in conspirituality martyrdom. On August 3, he took to Facebook to warn his 1 million-plus followers of an “imminent, massive, Covid-19 related censorship event predicted to occur this fall,” and that they should join him on Telegram and MeWe, the refuge of conspiracists and white nationalists who get booted off Facebook and Twitter. Days later, he livestreamed to Facebook another paranoid sermon that compared social distancing measures to martial law and a “Chinese dystopia” to assert that the coming vaccine would be a “deadly intervention” and to suggest that the pandemic, like 9/11, was an inside job. In early September, Instagram deleted GreenMedInfo’s account — “without explanation” according to Ji’s website announcement.

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