Judy Abrams holds a necklace with a cross. After voting Republican her entire life, Abrams recently registered as a Democrat. Photos: Eve Edelheit

These Evangelical Women Are Abandoning Trump and Their Churches

The #MeToo movement, pandemic, and protests for racial justice have divided the evangelical community from their strongman

The churches they once loved continue to support an administration they see as immoral.

Katie Loveland on a hill overlooking Helena, Montana. She has been trolled on Facebook by her childhood youth pastor when she posts about Donald Trump. Photo: Louise Johns
Elaina Ramsey left the evangelical faith in the mid-2000s after she was sexually assaulted by a friend. “I was taught that now I’d be too dirty and impure for any other relationship.” Photo: Brooke LaValley
A sign in Katie Loveland’s kitchen. Photo: Louise Johns

The contortions of principle required by church leaders to justify Trump revealed not a broken, sinful nation—but what was broken within their churches.

Judy Abrams at her home in Florida. Her family was shut out of their evangelical community after their church’s youth pastor was arrested for sexually assaulting her daughter in 2018. Photo: Eve Edelheit

Sarah Stankorb is a contributor to GEN. Other works in The Washington Post, Marie Claire, Glamour, O, and The Atlantic. @sarahstankorb www.sarahstankorb.com

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