Illustration: Owen Freeman

In America, ‘Being a Racist Is Not Against the Law’

A broken window and a gun led to the death of James Scurlock outside a bar in Omaha. Then the search for justice began.

As Scurlock puts him in a headlock, Gardner shouts “Get off me!” and moves the gun from his right hand to his left.

“If you come from North Omaha, like all of us, you start below the bottom. North Omaha isn’t somewhere where I would encourage anybody to live.”

Robert Bradshaw, who worked as a barback at The Hive, said Gardner “really didn’t like Black people in there.”

“It was nerve-wracking. You’re sitting there waiting for a conclusion to what’s been panning out for those three months, and then you hear the result: Well, we’re actually going to look at what he did wrong.”

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