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Democrat-Blue Highways Through Red America: A Road-Trip Game

I wondered: Where could I drive for a whole day (or two) without passing through a single precinct won by Donald Trump in 2020?

I’ve always liked maps. As a little kid I loved gas-station state maps and giant atlases, then United States Geological Survey topographical maps and…




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Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen

Award-winning, bestselling author (Evil Geniuses, Fantasyland, True Believers, Heyday, Turn of the Century) and creator of media (Studio 360, Inside, SPY).

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My Father-In-Law Passed As White

Black and white photo of a middle-age man with a dark complexion and dark hair bent over and holding an infant with a fair complexion. The man is wearing tan or light brown slacks and a white long-sleeve dress shirt. The baby is wearing a white shirt, a diaper, and white shoes. The baby is crying. Nearby is a chair with a beer can on the seat. A sawhorse is visible in the background.