Five Whistleblowers on What It Takes to Risk It All

The impeachment of Donald Trump began with a whistleblower. What kind of person is willing to lose everything to reveal the truth?

Image: Wildpixel/Getty Images

Confronting the EPA: Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

I think it’s important for people not to take on the role of the Lone Ranger. Get organizations to fight these kinds of battles, as opposed to individuals.

Unmasking the NSA: Thomas Drake

We each are sovereign as individuals. If we have some ability to bend the long arc of history toward justice, that’s what’s at stake.

Taking on Big Tobacco: Jeffrey Wigand

Not all whistleblowers wind up in the trash can. But during the process, you’re very close to that trash can.

Upending the FBI: Coleen Rowley

Some of these officials are very, very dismissive of the law.

Going after the CEOs: Wendy Addison

My red flags had accumulated over nine years.

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