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How to Talk to a Conspiracy Theorist

The first step is recognizing that conspiracies do, in fact, exist

Supporters of President Donald Trump wearing ‘QAnon’ t-shirts wait in line before a campaign rally at Freedom Hall on 10/1/18
Photo: Sean Rayford/Stringer/Getty Images

Back in April 2019, when QAnon had established itself among the fringe far-right of the internet but had yet to fully spill out into public consciousness, my friend Eric sent me an email with the subject line “Lifting the Veil: The Pedophocracy.” It was a link to Lifting the Veil: An




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Colin Dickey

Colin Dickey

Failed histories, histories of failure. Author of four books: The Unidentified, Ghostland, Afterlives of the Saints, and Cranioklepty.

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