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I Just Realized the Truth About American Healthcare

Actually applying for it was a shocking reality check

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I have always known something about the reality of American healthcare versus Canadian healthcare and have always felt very smug about living in Canada and not having to put up with the sordidness of the American private healthcare insurance system. It is all over the news and the…




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A portly business-man in a tux pulling a dollar-sign-shaped lever on a box. The man’s head has been replaced with a grinning skull wearing a mortar-board. The box is emblazoned with a Democratic Party bucking donkey symbol. Behind the man is a blurred image of UCLA’s Royce Hall, a stately brick campus building with two towers flanking an arched doorway and a rolling green lawn. Image: Beyond My Ken (modified) CC BY-SA 4.0: http

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Shoshana Kaufman

Shoshana Kaufman

Mother, Teacher, wife, food lover, spiritual searcher.

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