Kim Kardashian, queen of the tone-deaf announcement. As Andie Kanaras writes: “Watching celebrities continue to live their lives as if the world is normal, and then complain about it in the process, feels like a form of gaslighting.” Yes, she’s referencing That Kim Kardashian Post, but there’s so much more to it.

About 400 years ago—also known as March—Eve Peyser noticed the pandemic “established a new genre of tone-deaf celebrity content, one that is supposed to be uplifting, but instead reveals how deeply class privilege affects people who thrive on social nearness.”

All I can say to the celebrities who don’t follow me and have no way to hear me say this: Please stop. It is not helpful to hear how you’re coping with quarantine, especially if your self-care involves water flown in from a fountain of youth in the Bermuda Triangle.

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