Yang and his gang marching through the Iowa chill, Making America Think Again. Photos: Kathryn Gamble

‘If Andrew Yang Can Unite a YouTube Comment Section, He Can Unite the Nation’

On the ground at a Yang Gang initiation — and Weezer concert — in Iowa

One Yang supporter here thinks Weezer is just one guy, which is probably an argument that Weezer die-hards debate intensely but is, nevertheless, technically inaccurate.

Rivers Cuomo (left) led Weezer through a brisk set with the help of bassist Scott Shriner.
The Dayton, Ohio–based Charity Chicken crossed a lot of roads to get here.
Yang has solid support among the young, who turned out in numbers in Des Moines.

Yes, he swore. Yang wears profanity well. That’s my kind of asshole right there.

You could make some TikToks with this crowd. One dude is wearing a jacket with the Tesla logo on it, because why wouldn’t he?

One fan tells me that, at another rally he attended, Yang personally helped him search for his lost phone.

What’s a political rally in 2019 without a candidate selfie?
Everywhere you look in Yangland, there are $1,000 bills.

They’re all ready to let it ride into the next debate and every campaign obstacle after that. They all believe their momentum has the most momentum.

Columnist at GEN. Co-founder, Defector. Author of Point B.

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