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Inside Kelly Brogan’s Covid-Denying, Vax-Resistant Conspiracy Machine

Alt-health meets alt-right in the ‘conspirituality’ movement

Matthew Remski
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23 min readSep 16, 2020


On April 27, “holistic psychiatrist” Kelly Brogan, MD, a former Goop contributor whose latest book was blurbed by Marianne Williamson, sat in front of a webcam at the right hand of her husband Sayer Ji, the founder of the pseudoscience, anti-vax website Awash in soft Florida light, the couple declared they would be deploying their marriage to power a new Covid-denialism media empire.

The video, called “Love in the Time of Covid,” hit a number of now-familiar conspiracy theories. Brogan and Ji questioned the danger of this “one little virus.” They claimed that testing for it is useless, that the future “mandated” vaccine against it will carry a “quantum dot” for tracking. Ji warned of people who will embrace the “microchipping and the A.I. and the whole ideological Kool-Aid that you know we’re being fed: that we are helpless, and need to be nursed and controlled by the nanny state.”

They wrapped 80 minutes of alternating monologues with Brogan leading a macabre meditation on comforting one’s fearful child-self, who she describes as having “cuts and bruises on her body and she’s soiled, she’s full of dirt, her clothes are tattered.” Then Ji announced their collaboration on an (anti-) 5G Summit as well as a new website, That same day, a link to the video went out to Ji’s daily newsletter email list of 425,000.

Brogan and Ji offer data and emotion, studies and supplements, memes and breathing exercises. They want to purify the world of GMOs, vaccines, masks, “victim narratives,” and fear itself.

Brogan and Ji are at the forefront of the burgeoning political-religious movement dubbed “conspirituality,” the strange lovechild of alt-right conspiracists and New Age wellness influencers. Throughout the couple’s social media, they glow in a yin-yang swirl of panic and panacea, libertarian swagger and new-age equanimity, techno belligerence and yogic enlightenment. They offer data and emotion, studies and supplements, memes and breathing exercises. They…



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