“It is hard not to picture MacKenzie Scott in her car… about to leave her mansion and go pick up her kids as she tries to create for herself and them a thing money can’t buy: a normal life.”

Overnight, MacKenzie Scott became a billionaire. And not just any billionaire. With a net worth of $60 billion, she is one of the richest women in the world after her divorce from Jeff Bezos, possessed of Amazon’s tax-avoiding lucre. Scott is committed to giving it all away and has already committed $1.7 billion to nonprofits. With a gift of that size, writes Stephanie Clifford, “Scott could’ve built a cancer center, had a museum wing named after her, made a college rededicate itself in her name.” Instead, she gave away 116 grants at once, no strings attached.

Deputy Editor, GEN. Previously an editor for Topic, Longreads, The New Republic, and Lapham’s Quarterly. gen.medium.com

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