All photos by AnRong Xu. Photo editing by Michelle Le.

Great Escape

Lonely City

A photographer’s journey through the streets of Taipei, full of scooters and longing

I arrived in the evening, waiting for the moment to see you.

How long has it been?

As the car drove past the Grand Hotel, flashes of Ang Lee’s films rush through my mind.

I came here to be with you.

I escaped into the streets of Taipei, waiting for your return, hoping we could pick up where we left off.

Wandering through the main station, everything reminded me of you.

I got lost among the lights and crowds of Ximending. You were with me that moment I saw those lovers, kissing under the rain.

The nights I ate alone and my only dining companions were the others doing the same.

Flying through the city on their scooters with reckless abandon, I watched lovers holding each other, going wherever it is they were going and wishing it was you and me zipping through the city, holding on tight.

I’m waiting for you, to dive into this world together.

Photographer/Director. Based in New York City and Taipei. @Anrizzy

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