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Our Favorite Stories About the Wacky Things We Do in Isolation

Stories from the Medium universe on finding ways to stay sane while passing the time

Each week on Medium Rare, I’ll be sharing stories you might have missed that are definitely worth a second look. Got a suggestion for a piece we should feature? Pop it in




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The Channel That Lived To Die

Mark (left) and Ethan (right) sit on a set that is split in black and white with a countdown timer between them.

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A picture is worth a thousand problems

Parasocial Relationships Part 1: From ASMR to AoE2

Going cashless with Touch ‘n Go eWallet challenge: Easier than you think?

When You Put He/Him In Your Bio

Screenshot of Elon Musk’s tweet. A meme of a British soldier rubbing blood on his face. “When you put he/him in your bio.”

Even Disney’s Lawyers Can’t Stop an Army of Bootleg Baby Yodas

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Amanda Sakuma

Amanda Sakuma

Editor/writer. Words in GEN, The Atlantic, Glamour, The Intercept, MSNBC, NBC News, NYT, Vice, Vox, and more.

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