Rebalancing the Earth Is Dead Simple

We have made reversing climate change seem complex, expensive, and nearly insurmountable. In truth, it’s dead simple. We are simply looking at the wrong equation.

Anthony Fieldman
11 min readDec 19, 2021


The Peruvian Amazon © Anthony Fieldman 2017

A disturbing multi-media Op-Ed I read today in the New York Times brings its readers to every country in the world, one by one, illustrating the tangible impacts of climate change in each. A majority of them are mired in continual catastrophe, while others face future collapses, while the clouds of early warning signs gather.

Record wildfires, droughts, storms, swarms, erosion, temperatures, floods, collapses, and mass die-offs are the rule now—not the exception. Nearly every nation on Earth is experiencing “unprecedented” everything, and not the good kind.

Collectively, the picture the Anthropocene paints is bleak. “Human-kind has caused mass extinctions of plant and animal species, polluted the oceans and altered the atmosphere, among other lasting impacts,” per Smithsonian Magazine’s rather dry description.

We’ve heard these things before—many times.

But not all the news is bleak. There is a glimmer of hope, buried about 150 countries into the NYT piece. A single sentence points the true way out of our quagmire.

“Most countries are struggling to become carbon neutral. Suriname, 93% of which is covered by forest, is one of three carbon-negative countries in the world.”

After I read that, I looked up the other two. They are Bhutan and Panama. All three understand the three-step formula to long-term planetary health, and critically, they are all acting in accordance with its principles.

That is, they are doing it.

Carbon negativity © Vishani Ragobeer

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