Pat in her room in Chicago, where she began sheltering in place with her roommate on March 21. Photos: Pat Nabong

Sheltering in Place When You’re Half a World Away From Home

A photographer documented a week in her Chicago apartment, navigating the pandemic far from her family in the Philippines

Charlette puts up a sign letting neighbors know that a person she interacted with a week before has Covid-19 symptoms. Pat and Charlette would self-quarantine for two weeks.
David, Pat’s boyfriend, drops off groceries while they are quarantined. They practice social distancing and wear masks around each other.
Pat eats alone in the apartment, social distancing from her roommate. During dinner, she usually talks to her mom and dad as they eat breakfast in the Philippines.
Charlette leans out the window to get some air. She avoids going outside for weeks at a time.
Top: David and Pat observe social distancing while talking in the lobby of her apartment building. Bottom, left to right: Charlette leaves the apartment for the first time in almost three weeks; she examines a bag of food from a friend, which includes Filipino treats.
Charlette prances around the rooftop after spending more than a week indoors. She tells me she feels like she was freed.

Visual journalist in Chicago. Insta: @patnabong

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