South Carolina might become the first state in the nation’s history to have two Black U.S. senators. The possibility of Democrat Jaime Harrison beating GOP incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham seems strong enough that the Democratic-focused Senate Majority PAC is now spending $6.5 million to advertise in the Palmetto State for the first time ever. Graham clearly fears this as well, recently begging Fox News viewers for cash. If Harrison, a 44-year-old former state party chair, wins in November, he’d join Sen. Tim Scott —the only Black Republican currently serving in the U.S. Senate. Did you have it on your 2020 bingo board that the state that first seceded from the Union in order to defend slavery could also be the first to send two Black senators to Washington? ’Cause I didn’t.

Black voters would becrucial to this outcome — as they were to Biden’s primary victory earlier in the year.

Award-winning journalist covering politics, gender, race, activism, and more. Puertorriqueña.

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