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Active Shooter Drill

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As kids prepare for the next mass shooting, experts say high-tech surveillance, tactical gear, and live drills are doing more harm than good

On August 3, just after 8 a.m., a gunman in a green hoodie, dark sunglasses, and a camouflage face mask quietly entered Boyle County High School, located outside Danville, Kentucky. He dropped a small explosive by a side door, entered the cafeteria, and began firing rounds from his shotgun.

Bodies piled up as he moved methodically through the hallways, squeezing the trigger, taking 10 steps, squeezing again. By the time local law enforcement shot and killed him, dozens of motionless bodies were strewn across the tile floor, their clothes soaked with blood.

Fortunately, none of the injuries were real. Not…


With the new school year, we’re once again traumatizing a generation of children with a lesson that won’t work

My nine-year-old daughter will start fourth grade in a few weeks — another year of reading, playing, and, a few times over the course of the year, quietly huddling in the corner of a classroom pretending to hide from a mass shooter.

Her first active shooter drill occurred when she was two years old, in the weeks after the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her daycare installed security code–controlled locks on the doors and instructed teachers to play “quiet time” with the toddlers.

My daughter was too young at the time for it to affect her…

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