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Prepare yourself for a chilling dispatch from October 2019

Last year around this time, Atoosa Moinzadeh had a premotion. Maybe it was a good idea to ask some prominent astrologers what 2020 had in store. After all, it was going to be an election year. What’s the worst that could happen? Here’s some of what they had to say:

Men with power are working diligently to consolidate their power, and to use that power for themselves and against the people.

Pluto in Capricorn, to me, has a lot to do with challenging the structures of power itself. …

The late astrologer’s life and mythology is celebrated in the new Netflix documentary ‘Mucho, Mucho Amor’

Photo courtesy of Netflix

The first 45 seconds of Mucho, Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado perfectly synthesize the core of Walter Mercado’s siren song. As opera music plays, he dramatically twirls and twists his body. His iconic blond hair is perfectly coiffed and a white cape majestically drips from his back. He stops and does his signature stare, the one that made millions feel like they were the only person in the world he was talking to. Then the film cuts to 1980s synthpop as clips of Mercado addressing each astrological sign play in quick succession: ¡Géminis! ¡Piscis! ¡Cáncer! ¡Acuario!

I’m transported…

The urge to cry ‘pseudoscience!’ may be about something else entirely

Illustration: Terrell Davis

At a recent party, my friend and I were discussing astrology — what else? — when a stranger sidled up to us. Our new friend confessed that he didn’t know much about astrology — and wasn’t compelled to — because, as he put it, “Everyone hates my sign.” Since I’ve been on the internet in 2019, I knew this disclosure meant he was either a Scorpio or a Gemini.

It was the latter.

“I don’t hate your sign,” I told him, which is true. I don’t hate any sign (although I occasionally dislike what happens when a sign is poorly…

Three astrologers tell us what to expect in 2020 and beyond

Illustration: Terrell Davis

“Thank you so much for not being the 1,000th person to ask me what sign each Friends character would be,” astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo says with relief over the phone. The current rise of astrology in popular culture, thanks in part to the internet, means that Lanyadoo spends significant time fielding hundreds of these kinds of requests. But on Ghost of a Podcast, where she offers mystical and practical advice to listeners, Lanyadoo often focuses on something else: the state of our country. …

With their impossibly cool vibe and frighteningly spot-on predictions, astrology apps are coming for your wallet

Illustration: Terrell Davis

Tali Edut hates astrology memes — the kind you’d find on Instagram accounts like @cancermajesty and @yourmomshoroscope. They focus only on the zodiac signs, she says, which leaves out an entire galaxy’s worth of other pertinent information — information that could help you make sense of your relationship with your sister, or a period of professional upheaval, or a new paramour. “I want to burn them all,” she fumes.

Edut is one-half of the AstroTwins, a popular astrologist duo. Tali and her identical twin sister, Ophira, are Elle’s official astrologers. They also run their own website and have been profiled…

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