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Our political nation rolls their weary eyes upon a news media that sold FDR but never came to terms with the reality of a 50–50 Senate

Democracy might die in the dark, but in the meantime, the self-styled “world’s greatest deliberative body” finally adjourned their work for the year in the darkness of 4 in the morning Saturday. The gaveling of the end rather felt like a mercy killing to the long-terminal but artificially and hopefully…

Getting tested for Covid is a social good. It only makes sense for governments to help pay for it.

The arrival of Omicron in the U.S. has meant that at-home rapid tests have become nearly as hard to find as a PS5. The tests sell out online at places like Walmart (which sells Abbott’s Binax test at the lowest price, $14 for a box of two, while most places…

The perception and optics of her near-one-year run have not done the controversial ex-prosecutor any favors

For 85 minutes on November 19, 2021, Kamala Harris was the President of the United States. See here for a CNN report, detailing the historic hour-plus when executive powers were officially transferred until Joe Biden was released from the hospital for a routine colonoscopy.

If the U.S. was attacked by…

Minority rule is the opposite of democracy, but let’s not talk about how America is failing to be a democracy.

It’s weird that the Biden Administration is holding a virtual “Democracy Summit” this Wednesday and Thursday, with the leaders of about 100 countries expected to attend. For if democracy means majority rule, then the United States isn’t much of a democracy.

The U.S. Senate is split 50–50, but the fifty…

At some point, you have to wonder whether the oligarchs are really interested in democracy at all

The congressional sausage-making process that produces actual legislation is never a pretty sight and, right now, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the final Build Back Better (BBB) package will look like. It seems likely that Democrats will pass something simply because failure to do so would be admitting their…

Congress Keeps Giving Presidents Too Much Power. Time to Take Some of It Back.

A few days ago, a newsletter called The Daily Shot, which specializes in graphical representations of macroeconomic trends, published a fascinating graph showing that the price of steel in the US was almost $1000 more a tonne than steel prices in Europe, and more than double the price of steel…

Biden’s administration needs to uphold Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. Thousands of lives depend on it.

In April President Biden did something that no U.S. president has ever done. He officially recognized the Armenian Genocide and fulfilled a campaign promise to end Turkey’s century-long campaign to deny justice for the 1.5 million Armenians who were systematically murdered in the final days of the Ottoman Empire.



What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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