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When I was young I thought I would grow up in an ever improving world. Now, I fear for my son.

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A Conservative win in the U.K. shows how the modern populist formula works. Americans beware.

Image via Conservative Party Twitter account

Freakonomics Radio

In 2016, David Cameron held a referendum on whether the U.K. should stay in the European Union. A longtime Euroskeptic, he nevertheless led the Remain campaign. So what did Cameron really want? We ask him that and much more — including why he left office as soon as his side lost and what he’d do differently if given another chance. (Hint: not much.)

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron at a Council Meeting at the Council of the EU on June 28, 2016 in Brussels.
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron at a Council Meeting at the Council of the EU on June 28, 2016 in Brussels.
Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty

Stephen J. Dubner: There’s research showing that happy endings are really powerful, that even a bad experience — like going to the dentist or having a colonoscopy — if the last couple minutes is somehow made more pleasant, people remember the entire term as being not so bad. It strikes me that you got that exactly backwards with your political career.

The December 12 election will determine whether Britain leaves the EU and how

Credit: Peter Summers/Getty

Boris Johnson’s efforts to ram through a no-deal Brexit have unleashed a massive fight over who holds political power in the U.K.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends a year-six history class with pupils during a visit to Pimlico Primary School on September 10, 2019, in London, England. Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Love Hate

The beloved holiday film represents everything bad about England

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To listen to Jacob Rees-Mogg is to know him. And he sounds like a child.

Credit: Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

With the U.K. already engulfed in its own Brexit crisis, it’s unlikely Johnson has any desire to stake his reputation on a conflict with Iran

Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images

Like Trump, new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a populist and showman with a penchant for lies

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to media outside Number 10, in London on 24 July 2019. Photo: Giannis Alexopoulos/NurPhoto/Getty Images

The U.K. risks getting trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle that drives voters and politicians further and further to the right

Photo: Leon Neal/Getty

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