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How I Got Radicalized

My extracurriculars, summer camps, and internships were never going to get me a magazine cover — or a satisfying job

A cracked trophy on a pedestal
A cracked trophy on a pedestal

Welcome to How I Got Radicalized, a series from GEN that tells the story of a cultural moment that made you drastically rethink how society works.

Any overachiever with a LinkedIn knows the most important awards for a certain generation is Forbes’ “30 Under 30” reveal. Every year I brace myself for the Oscars-style gratitude speeches from acquaintances and second-degree connections who feel “so humbled” that they made the list. It’s not that I begrudge their success, I swear. It’s simply a tough pill to swallow as a twentysomething with a harsh tendency to compare myself to others. …

Anne Helen Petersen’s new book, ‘Can’t Even,’ is a scathing rebuke of the system that pushed us past the point of exhaustion

Reading Anne Helen Petersen’s viral essay “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation” in early 2019 felt simultaneously like having a mild panic attack and a religious epiphany. Petersen described behaviors that felt deeply relatable to me, a hilariously underpaid and overworked twentysomething woman suffering from extremely dumb errand paralysis and a bone-deep exhaustion that left me unable to do much more on weekends besides melt my brain by binge-watching Buffy. Petersen named the condition that burdened her, me, and a ton of young people I knew: Put simply, we were fucking burned out. She went a step further by declaring…


You can’t quit this job, but you can make it better

Having kids sometimes feels like running a race you can’t win against a clock you didn’t set. Parenting today is often characterized by feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied, two feelings that are exacerbated by headlines like “How Having Children Robs Parents of Happiness” and books with titles like All Joy and No Fun. Yes, you love your children, but you’re not alone if you sometimes hate being their parent.

But for some parents, that feeling is more than a passing mood. Instead, it’s a part of full-on parental burnout, a state that shares many of the same traits as professional burnout…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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