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In this week’s digest of stories from the Medium universe, celebrity stan culture gets a little out of control

The rich and famous once offered escapism. Now they’re just a constant reminder of how unequal things are.

Illustration: Agnes Ricart

During a global pandemic, it turns out that celebrities are just like us: stuck at home but certain everyone wants to hear from them

Illustrations: Katie Carey

Dr. Fredric Brandt redefined cosmetic dermatology forever by bringing a smooth, plump, and ageless face to the masses

On the social construction of mental illness

Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“It is essential to understand that in psychiatry there is no such thing as ‘diagnosis.’”

— Dr. Sami Timimi

Celebrating the expansion of pop culture lesbian narratives

Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing cries real tears after filming an emotional scene for the film East Wind Rain in Shanghai in 2009. All photos by Rian Dundon.

A decade before her disappearance, the Angelina Jolie of China hired me as her tutor. I got a crash course in China’s dizzying celebrity-industrial complex.

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