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Photo: Pete Voelker

Lauren Oyler on the Millennial long con of simply being alive

It’s the year reality and conspiracy theories crashed into each other

Keanu Reeves as Neo in “The Matrix.” Photo: Warner Bros.


One of the most thorough looks at gender inequality can be found on a Reddit forum

Photo: Francesco Carta/fotografo


The Democratic National Convention is just one example of things better experienced at a remove

Senator Kamala Harris speaks via Zoom during a Women for Biden event on May 21, 2020. Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images

Turning away from the physical world and toward social media might feel right. But now is the perfect time to let it go.

Illustration: Liam Eisenberg

FOMO is still real, even when everyone is missing out on things together

A photo of a young man video calling his grandpa in his room.
A photo of a young man video calling his grandpa in his room.
Photo: Massimo Cavallari/Getty Images

Online resources provide a much better tool for understanding COVID-19 than broadcast news

A man working from home in Beijing, China. Photo: Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images

Algorithms have led to filter bubbles and fueled polarization. It’s time to bring back the tech for a shared reality.

Photo illustration

Our research-induced, online black holes are changing who we are

Illustration: Carolyn Figel


Even under ‘restricted mode,’ the platform is showing kids some truly vile programming

Screencap via SuperMarioLogan YouTube

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