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Drew Magary

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This is Drew’s swan song for his GEN column. Not really a song. More of a dirge.

This is my last post as a regular columnist for GEN. This is because I am tired. Over a year ago, I came here to write exclusively about politics, which was a subject I had gravitated toward during my tenure at GQ. For the bulk of my existence, I never…


A lot of people don’t know this, but there are exactly 38 kinds

  1. Abusive parents
  2. Plastic surgeons who get three stars or less on Yelp
  3. Men livestreaming from the driver’s seat
  4. Evangelicals no longer interested in pretending
  5. Boaters operating their boats without any official license or instruction
  6. “Khaki dads”
  7. Tiger Kings
  8. Washed-up comedians
  9. Toppled statues
  10. Cops who learned all their best practices from…


College administrators are busy covering their own asses and blaming students instead of protecting them

You knew that America’s colleges weren’t gonna give up the gravy train that easily. The U.S. Covid-19 infection rate is dropping but is still alarmingly high, to the point where sending any child to any school is still a fraught proposition. This would have been a perfect time to kill…


The Democratic National Convention is just one example of things better experienced at a remove

There’s no actual Democratic National Convention taking place this week and I couldn’t be happier. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Democrats and (shockingly) Republicans have decided to stage the bulk of their respective conventions virtually. I promise you that, even when you include The 2020 Factor, this will be…


What’s worse than Trump when he’s winning? Trump when he’s not.

If you’ve ever divorced Donald Trump, you know that things don’t end well with him. The United States is already getting a horrifying idea of what that process looks like. Nearly 165,000 of us are dead, and there is copious evidence that this is because Trump was afraid a Covid-19…


As it bumbles its way toward what looks like an even shorter season than it planned, MLB itself is leading the league in errors

I think Major League Baseball saw all this coming; they just didn’t give a shit. Baseball returned last week to empty stadiums all across the country, and even before the first pitch was thrown, MLB had fucked everything up. Nationals superstar Juan Soto tested positive for the coronavirus (he has…


The Sophie’s choice between continued house arrest and potentially exposing our kids to the virus is no choice at all

My kids aren’t going to school this fall. The district we live in has yet to formally enact its plans for the 2020–2021 school year, but it’s already issued statements saying that it plans on opening schools at an extremely limited capacity, in staggered groupings, with masks and distancing for…


Not too long ago, he would have been voted Most Likely to Go Full Wingnut. And yet…

Not a day goes by when I don’t feel lost and alone in a deranged America. Donald Trump is president. People are dying in scores because millions of my countrymen think wearing a mask is for losers. Protesters are risking their own health to beg for police abolition, only to…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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