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Being an eyewitness to history is essential for future historians

Photo: Picturenow/ Universal Images Group/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon, the House impeachment managers laid out the series of tweets, speeches, and interviews in which former President Trump had conditioned his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol. They showed how he riled up his supporters against the election and stoked their rage. They showed how he planned and repeatedly promoted the January 6 rally. They showed how he applauded violent and intimidating messages from his supporters, demonstrating his support for their actions. They showed how his campaign political action funds spent $50 million spreading the lies about the election, advertising the rally, and planning for the event.

While you celebrate the new administration, so many of us are still waiting. It is cruel, but usual punishment.

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I spent many childhood days in a Bronx welfare office a few feet away from the bustling shops on Fordham Road. The office was in a cement building painted over with gray paint. If you weren’t looking for the metal door that opened into the waiting area, you wouldn’t find it. Inside, the floor was dirty linoleum and there were rows and rows of mismatched chairs with tired, stressed bodies staring at a ticket counter displaying numbers in red LED lights.

You had to wait in line and then get a number, and then you had to wait for your…

His success consistently comes from turning down the temperature

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Remember, back in the Obama days, this old meme?

Photo: Al Drago/Getty Images
  1. The claim that Trump won the election is a Big Lie.
  2. A Big Lie changes reality. To believe it, people must disbelieve their senses, distrust their fellow citizens, and live in a world of faith.
  3. A Big Lie demands conspiracy thinking, since all who doubt it are seen as traitors.
  4. A Big Lie undoes a society, since it divides citizens into believers and unbelievers.
  5. A Big Lie destroys democracy, since people who are convinced that nothing is true except the utterances of their leader ignore voting and its results.
  6. A Big Lie must bring violence, as it has.
  7. A Big…

The day started with a rally. It ended with death, destruction, and the agonizing certification of the 2020 election.

Photo illustration; source: Getty Images (3)

The longest, ugliest presidential election in modern American history reached its formal conclusion with a joint session to formally certify the presidential election on January 6. It didn’t end until 3:39 a.m. on January 7, after a mob invaded the Capitol building and delayed proceedings for hours. Here is how one of the strangest and most chaotic days in Washington, D.C. history played out.

10 a.m.: Pro-Trump rally begins on White House lawn

The day begins with a “Save America March” and rally held on the Ellipse in front of the White House, featuring President Donald Trump and die-hard supporters once again embracing false claims about the 2020 election…

And lots of other countries where the leader and his followers have stormed the gates

The Kapp Putsch on March 13, 1920 in Berlin, Germany. Photo: ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images

In the late 1980s, a band of unhappy Philippine military officers who felt they, not Corazon Aquino, the elected president, should be running the government staged seven uprisings to press their point. They were egged on by a populist colonel named Gringo Honasan, their charismatic leader who had only recently helped to overthrow the former president, Ferdinand Marcos. None of the uprisings succeeded. But the image both abroad and in Manila, where I was posted at the time as a correspondent, was rightly of a place somewhere between a new democracy and a Hobbesian dystopia, with every person for themselves.

Trump Corruption Index

Trump makes a last-gasp attempt to overturn the election results; Sidney Powell is threatened with a lawsuit

Is there enough graft, double-dealing, and self-interested chicanery in the Trump administration to publish this column every week? Only time — and Trump — will tell. (But we feel pretty confident.) Presenting this week’s installment of the Trump Corruption Index.

Dialing up the corruption to 11

On Saturday, President Donald Trump held an hourlong call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to discuss his general election loss in the state to President-elect Joe Biden. During the call, which was recorded and shared with the Washington Post, Trump repeatedly pressured Raffensperger to reverse the election outcome, urging him at one point to simply “find” the votes…

Grassroots groups helped turn out a record number of voters

A volunteer distributes voter care packages at a block party for Georgia Democratic Senate candidates Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Growing up as a Vietnamese immigrant in Georgia, Quynh Nguyen saw firsthand the barriers that can prevent foreign-born Americans from participating in the electoral process. “My mom and dad speak English,” she says, “but not well enough to understand that there’s a website where they can check their voter registration status.”

Nguyen has devoted her career to helping members of her community navigate the voting system. …

Trump Corruption Index

This week we saw yet another failed attempt by the White House to discount the election results, plus a potential incentive behind the Texas AG’s absurd election lawsuit

Is there enough graft, double-dealing, and self-interested chicanery in the Trump administration to publish this column every week? Only time — and Trump — will tell. (But we feel pretty confident.) Presenting this week’s installment of the Trump Corruption Index.

He will not go gentle into that good night

Even in the wake of President-elect Biden’s Electoral College victory, the Trump administration continues its campaign to deny the results of the election. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory, claiming that Trump “is still involved in ongoing litigation related to the election,” according to the Washington Post. All of Trump’s litigation efforts have…

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