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I may never win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, or Tony. But damn it, I will touch all the awards.

Frances McDormand with her best actress Oscar in 1997. Photo: Steve Starr / Corbis via Getty Images

Hand warmers are items of care, meant to be shared among friends and lovers

Photo: Juana Mari Moya/Getty

Trump has brought pranksterism to the Republican Party. That used to be liberals’ specialty.

A Trump campaign stop in Mankato, Minnesota. Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images


A lot of people don’t know this, but there are exactly 38 kinds

Photo: Erik McGregor/Getty Images
  1. Abusive parents
  2. Plastic surgeons who get three stars or less on Yelp
  3. Men livestreaming from the driver’s seat
  4. Evangelicals no longer interested in pretending
  5. Boaters operating their boats without any official license or instruction
  6. “Khaki dads”
  7. Tiger Kings
  8. Washed-up comedians
  9. Toppled statues
  10. Cops who learned all their best practices from watching Bad Lieutenant
  11. Fifteen-year-olds who kill stray dogs for fun
  12. Palm Beach but not West Palm Beach
  13. The law-abiding citizens of Rock Ridge
  14. Nielsen households
  15. Rural coke fiends
  16. “Let me get this straight” Twitter
  17. Formerly prominent actors who can no longer find work
  18. Suburbanites who think The Truman Show had…


In this week‘s digest of stories from the Medium Universe, we present delightful lists that nobody asked for

  • This is possibly one of the world's most comprehensive lists of the best video games. (Well, as of 2017, when the story was originally published.) Medium estimates that it would take a person just over six hours to read this 95,214-word listicle from start to finish. Good luck!


Warning: This post contains dad jokes. Because it’s almost Father’s Day, kids.

Photo: Warner Bros./Getty Images

Room Rater is the latest and maybe best piece of flamethrowing from an anti-Trump Twitter provocateur

Photo illustration

We have always lived loud, and we’re not going to change that

Photo: Cavan Images/Getty Images

A menu for the latest chapter of the Trump era

Photo: Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Use this promo code to land yourself a new lady. (ME!) Exclusions apply.

  • champagne-buzzed party girl with lovable anecdotes
  • hopeless romantic/writerly type who always thinks she’s in…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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