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Edgar Sydenstricker dug into the pandemic of 1918 and found income level was a key factor in who lived and who died

The St Louis Red Cross Motor Corps on duty during the Influenza epidemic, 1918. Photo: Underwood Archives/Getty Images

An anti-Semitic slur used during a Twitch livestream embodies the casual toxicity found in gaming culture

Photo: SeventyFour/Getty

We can no longer trust our nation’s infrastructure to keep our families safe, happy, and healthy

Photo: Apexphotos/Getty Images

The failure to respond to the Covid housing crisis has created an eviction catastrophe for vulnerable renters

A protest in front of the Jackson Courthouse by advocacy group KC Tenants against continued evictions during the pandemic. Photo: Brandon Frederick

Voices From Inside the System

A woman who comes from a family with dynastic wealth explains what it really feels like to profit from a profoundly unfair system

Photo illustration. Source: DebraLee Wiseberg/Getty Images

Driving around the country researching my family’s Great Migration history, I realized how many places were still unsafe for Black people after dark

A sign protesting Black tenants moving into a federal housing project in Detroit, 1942. Photo: Arthur S. Siegel/Library of Congress

UN human rights expert Philip Alston breaks down why we’re failing to meet the goal of ending global poverty by 2030

A photo of a homeless person on the street against a blue background with grey spray paint effect.
A photo of a homeless person on the street against a blue background with grey spray paint effect.
Photo illustration; Image source: Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Photos: Hannah Yoon

Documenting the shutdown on Germantown Avenue, which crosses three zip codes with deep economic divides

The rich and famous once offered escapism. Now they’re just a constant reminder of how unequal things are.

Illustration: Agnes Ricart

The problems facing Native American communities during this pandemic were decades in the making

A mobile home on the Navajo reservation in Cameron, Arizona. Photo: Gina Ferazzi/Getty Images

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