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Most arrested reporters never go to trial—and this case should have been no different

Photo: Steve Skinner Photography/Getty Images

Capitol Terrorists Exposers has been quietly supplying information to a number of major news outlets

Men belonging to the Oath Keepers at the Capitol on January 6. Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Photo illustration: Anthony Gerace. Sources: Hill Street Studios / Andersen Ross Photography Inc / David Soanes Photography / Leon Halip / Getty Images

The future of journalism is being written at America’s college newspapers

White political journalists distanced themselves from the horrors of the Trump administration in a way many of us couldn’t

Donald and Melania Trump board Air Force One on January 20. Photo: Pool/Getty Images

I’m in high school now, but I’m scared of the vitriol I’ll face as a Black man covering the news

Photo illustration; image source: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Journalists are being arrested at a staggering and alarming rate — part of a larger crackdown on protest in the U.S.

Omar Jimenez being arrested while reporting, live on CNN. Photo: CNN

A grim journey through partisan network coverage

Photo illustration. Photo: Roberto Schmidt/Getty Images

A timeline of the worst news period of the year, starting in 2016

The front page of the ‘New York Times,’ October 7, 2018. Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images


The charges brought against the WikiLeaks founder would criminalize good reporting

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein at their desk at the Washington Post. Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

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