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Law professor Rosa Brooks on what she learned from five years with the Metropolitan Police

Photo: Jody McKitrick

Watching the Police

The votes are in, the money is moving—and none of it would have been possible without grassroots activism.

Illustration: Alicia Tatone

It’s time the country got a dose of reality

Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Photo illustration; sources: Tatiana Maksimova, Xinhua News Agency, Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Carrie Severino has been reshaping the judiciary, while Roger Severino has been undermining the laws it upholds

Rumors of War

Our First Amendment right has been systematically dismantled — just when we might need it most

Photo illustration: Anthony Gerace; source: Ira L. Black — Corbis/Getty Images

If there’s no right to privacy, a whole line of rulings goes out the window

Amy Coney Barrett speaks during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation. Photo: Pool/Getty Images

When it comes to injecting partisan politics into the judiciary, Amy Coney Barrett’s rushed confirmation is a whole new level of meddling

The first eight Chief Justices Of The United States Supreme Court. Photo: Encylopedia Britannica / Getty

Illustration: Owen Freeman

A broken window and a gun led to the death of James Scurlock outside a bar in Omaha. Then the search for justice began.

It’s impossible to take the violence out of policing

Photo: Sarah-Ji

Author David A. Kaplan explains how the rest of 2020 might play out on the Court

Photo illustration; image source: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

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