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How young people are using wit and dry humor to overcome toxic work culture

Illustration: Scott Gelber for GEN

The roasting of earnest Millennials reflects an ancient, intergenerational war of feelings

Photo: Jason Connolly / AFP via Getty Images

Anne Helen Petersen’s new book, ‘Can’t Even,’ is a scathing rebuke of the system that pushed us past the point of exhaustion

Photo illustration; image source: Westend61/Getty Images

HBO’s series about women on the verge have come a long way in the last decade

“I May Destroy You.” Photo: HBO

With a new update to the video game, young people have even more of an excuse to seek out escapism during the pandemic

Image: Getty Images

Not everyone can, or should, go back to work

A resident of a senior living community in Arlington, Virginia listens to a band play a socially-distanced concert. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Renolds/Getty Images

I constantly hear that industries are dying thanks to millennials. But just like these worn-out stereotypes, millennials are getting old.

Photo: Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images

I don’t have kids, but I love these adorable advertisements

Illustration: Eliot Wyatt

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