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An explanation for people’s attraction to QAnon, the Plandemic hoax, and more

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

To decide, you need to understand ‘micromorts’

Photo: Graiki/Getty Images

In lieu of coherent public guidelines, most of us resort to incoherent private rules

A Thanksgiving traveler at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. Photo: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

We lose faith when those in power lose touch with reality

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


Who can sleep during all of this?

Photo: Fotografía de eLuVe/Getty Images

Psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt on how we can ‘replace our intuition with intelligence’

Photo illustration. Source: AFP/Getty Images

Vivid dreaming is on the rise as stressed-out brains encounter a mix of sleep, uncertainty, and survival

Illustrations: Mark Wang

Shame has already fostered social distancing, but the most interesting and constructive shaming is yet to come

Coronavirus shaming 1.0: What has already worked and why

A family in which 6 of 12 siblings were affected presented a unique opportunity for researchers

Photo illustration. Source photo courtesy of the author.

Altruism, like the coronavirus, spreads exponentially

Photo: Still Life Photographer Wolfgang Ludwig/Getty Images

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