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Harry Reid just confirmed in a new documentary that aliens are totally out there, man. The former Senate majority leader doesn’t hold back in director James Fox’s new film The Phenomenon, accusing the U.S. government of hiding its UFO research from the public. “Most of it hasn’t seen the light of day,” Reid said. “Why the federal government all these years has covered up… I think it’s very bad for our country.”

It’s not surprising that the government would keep highly sensitive information a secret. As Luis Elizondo, the director of government programs with To The Stars Academy (and a…

I worry that antibodies and immunities tests will divide those who are allowed to reenter society, and those who are shut out

Photo: Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images

Like everyone else, I live in fear of Covid-19. I worry that I, or someone I love, will contract it and possibly not pull through. I’m apprehensive about the long-term effects on our economy. But, unlike most of the population, I am petrified of the aftermath. I have a dysfunctional immune system, making me especially susceptible to the virus. I can’t help but wonder, how will society view those like me once we completely emerge from our cocoons? Will I be shunned and segregated? Or will I be forced to isolate myself to “protect” my physical health? …

Luis Elizondo helped release Navy videos of unidentified aerial phenomena. Last month, the Pentagon confirmed they were real.

Photo illustration. Sources: To the Stars Academy, U.S. Department of Defense

If we find out one day that aliens really do exist, there’s a good chance we’ll have Luis Elizondo to thank. Elizondo works as the director of government programs with To The Stars Academy (TTSA), an aerospace and science company founded in 2017 by a physicist for the Department of Defense, a former CIA operations officer, and Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge.

TTSA specializes in research around unidentified aerial phenomena — military-speak for any unexplained presence in the atmosphere. Before joining TTSA, Elizondo headed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon, an initiative secured and promoted in 2009 by…

Anthony Blas Yepez killed a man. Is his DNA to blame?

Credit: grandeduc/iStock/Getty Images Plus

In 2015, Anthony Blas Yepez was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison after killing George Ortiz, his girlfriend’s step-grandfather.

Three years prior, Yepez and his girlfriend were living with Ortiz when, according to testimony, Ortiz hit Yepez’s girlfriend in the face. Yepez says he isn’t sure what happened next but that he “must have blacked out.” When he came to, he was on top of Ortiz, who was bleeding and appeared to be dead. Yepez and his girlfriend then poured cooking oil on the victim, lit him on fire, and fled the scene in Ortiz’s car.

Now, Yepez’s…

The New New

Scientists are scrambling to head off one unexpected impact of climate change

Illustration: Jordan Moss

Late in the summer of 2012, while walking his coffee groves on a hillside rising above Santa Ana, El Salvador, Mario Mendoza Corleto noticed something unusual: the leaves on some of his trees were coated with an orange fungus and had begun dropping to the ground. It was “leaf rust,” a form of blight that had pestered coffee farmers in El Salvador since the 1970s. Normally, spraying the trees with fungicide once or twice a year would keep the disease at bay. Not anymore. “This year it was totally different,” Mendoza recounted to me recently. “Spraying didn’t help.”

As the…

Great Escape

Unless you’ve booked passage to Mars, it’s time to consider the unimaginable

Jeanne Tripplehorn and Kevin Costner In ‘Waterworld’. Photo: Archive Photos/Stringer/Getty Images

Three-quarters of the world’s megacities sprawl seaside. More than 40 percent of Americans live in oceanside counties. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects that number will increase, even while the seas rise an estimated 20 feet over the next 80 years. Efforts to erect sea walls and implement massive pumping systems are underway in some locales, but even with those measures in place, tens of millions of people will be displaced.

Where will they all go? Most will go inland, of course, and maybe a few will join Elon Musk on Mars. But increasingly, technologists are envisioning off-land human…


Andy Bramante coaches his students through projects most professionals would never dream of. Here’s his secret.

Photos courtesy of Andy Bramante

Just like any other school, the entrance hall in Greenwich High is draped with banners and studded with trophies celebrating its students’ triumphs. Only here, the biggest wins come not from athletic competitions, but from the statewide and national science fairs that Greenwich High has come to dominate — the Google Science Fair, the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and more.

How they’ve done it is now the subject of The Class, a book out this month by journalist Heather Won Tesoriero. Although the students are uniquely impressive, the star of the story is…

A short guide to the president’s many misunderstandings of the planet we live on (and Mars)

President Donald Trump gives a press conference with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on August 26, 2019 at the annual G7 Summit. Photo: Bertrand Guay/Getty Images

President Donald Trump, a self-professed “stable genius,” has on several occasions suggested the use of nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from making landfall in the United States, Axios reported on Sunday.

One such instance was recorded in a National Security Council memorandum. A summary of the president’s remarks is, well, disconcerting. “Why don’t we nuke them?” Trump asked, according to Axios. “They start forming off the coast of Africa, as they’re moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane and it disrupts it.” …

The most famous psychology study in history has once again been debunked


We like to think of science as a self-correcting discipline that tends inevitably toward truth. Sometimes, though, conventional wisdom becomes so entrenched that it takes a paradigm shift to overturn it.

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo’s infamous Stanford Prison Experiment has become something like a paradigm unto itself, a scientific blockbuster which has so thoroughly penetrated both academia and pop culture that more than 40 years of ethical and methodological criticism have failed to dislodge it. …

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