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During a pandemic, it takes a celebrity village to raise a child

Photo: Westend61/Getty

Turning away from the physical world and toward social media might feel right. But now is the perfect time to let it go.

Illustration: Liam Eisenberg

FOMO is still real, even when everyone is missing out on things together

A photo of a young man video calling his grandpa in his room.
A photo of a young man video calling his grandpa in his room.
Photo: Massimo Cavallari/Getty Images


A relationship between a Luddite and an early adopter can come with unique problems

Credit: Gautam Jain/EyeEm/Getty

Great Escape

Your phone is training you to be its servant. Here’s how to fight back.

Credit: Henrik Sorensen/DigitalVision/Getty

The New New

Legendary sci-fi writer Malka Older on what happens when real life increasingly resembles a dystopian novel

Photo by Randy Colas

How a tight-knit group of elites shaped the Media Lab

Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab. Photo: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images


Screen time can provide a sense of emotional stability

Credit: Donald Iain Smith/Getty

Power Trip

Big tech, the government, #metoo—Medium magazine explores the major vectors of power all month long

Power Trip

Democrats are notoriously bad at turning out for midterm elections. Silicon Valley is directing money and muscle to finding solutions outside the party structure.

Art: Mark Weaver

‘Is this the same old business as usual or are they…

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