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Texas Governor Greg Abbott called a special legislative session in early July. One of the topics included on the agenda was “critical race theory,” which is addressed in a bill recently passed by the state Senate. With Democrats preventing quorum in the House, it’s not likely to pass before the end of the special session in August (World Travel & Tourism Council / CC-BY 2.0 Generic)

Though I’m not usually in the habit of giving advice to my political enemies, here’s a tip for Texas Republicans: When your opponents say that your ginned-up nonsense about Critical Race Theory is just cover for attacking anti-racism education in schools, don’t do the exact thing you’re being accused of. The GOP-dominated state Senate just voted on a bill stripping away curriculum requirements, including a clause that requires educators to teach the history of white supremacy and “ways in which it is morally wrong.”

Frankly, this is an low bar to cross. The original bill passed in the House

We can no longer trust our nation’s infrastructure to keep our families safe, happy, and healthy

Photo: Apexphotos/Getty Images

Last Wednesday, the snow started to fall thick and fast in Denver, Colorado. My kids went to bed hoping for a snow day. They’ve spent most of their childhood in California, and sometimes we had smoke days there. These days were ominous and choking, ash fell from the sky and got stuck in our eyelashes. But snow days? Snow days are sleds and snowmen. My daughter heard that if she wore her pajamas to bed inside out on a snowy night, she’d wake up to a snow day. That night, we all went to bed wearing our pajamas inside out.

Gov. Greg Abbott seems to think he’s running a state I don’t recognize — because it’s a fantasy of political convenience

Photo courtesy of the author

I haven’t seen my mom in person since October 2019. My family is in New York. She’s in Texas.

She works retail down there. Children’s clothing store. They were closed last April and May, but the corporate office reopened stores in early summer with strict protocols on mask-wearing and cleaning. She tells me not one customer has walked in without wearing a mask. “Everyone has been so respectful.”

She’s in her early seventies. “Ross, you know I love to work,” she says.

She hasn’t been vaccinated yet, but she’s registered, and she’s just waiting for a date. She tells me…

Trump Corruption Index

This week we saw yet another failed attempt by the White House to discount the election results, plus a potential incentive behind the Texas AG’s absurd election lawsuit

He will not go gentle into that good night

Even in the wake of President-elect Biden’s Electoral College victory, the Trump administration continues its campaign to deny the results of the election. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory, claiming that Trump “is still involved in ongoing litigation related to the election,” according to the . All of Trump’s litigation efforts have…

Democrats in the Lone Star State keep lying to themselves that the state is going to flip

Thin Blue Line and Trump 2020 flags near a Border Patrol checkpoint in Hudspeth County, Texas. Photo: Justin Hamel/Getty Images

For about two hours early in the evening on election night, if you listened very closely, you could hear the whoops and yee-haws! of Texas Democrats carried with the cool November air.

As CNN, the, and other news outlets followed the presidential race, Texas was briefly in play and the dream that state Dems had flipped the state blue seemed to finally, finally, be happening.

But then reality happened. It always happens. Texas hasn’t given its 38 electoral votes to the Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy fucking Carter in 1976. …

Power Trip

Afghan war vet MJ Hegar tiptoes through a political minefield

Photo: Suzanne Cordeiro/Getty

The 3.5-minute video that tells the life story of Mary Jennings Hegar shifts seamlessly from suburban dining room to Afghan battlefield to the halls of Congress. The Steadicam cinematography carries echoes of (though its director, Cayce McCabe, actually had the single-shot aesthetic of Oscar winner in mind), and the soundtrack is Hegar’s breezily confident narration backed by a Rolling Stones–ish riff. We see Hegar, whom everyone calls MJ, as a caring mom, heroic combat pilot, and activist for women’s rights. …


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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