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Allowing elected officials and government workers to be intimidated into resigning is how fascism slowly wins

A little more than six months ago, the town of Bennington, Vermont, paid $137,500 to Kiah Morris and apologized publicly for failing to protect her and her family from racist threats and harassment. It took these steps following a report by the town’s human rights commission finding that the Bennington…

In some places, progressives pushed their agenda forward, in others, conservatives wrested control

The sky is not falling. No more than it was the day before yesterday.

Tuesday’s elections offer a clear message for the center-left majority of Americans who elected Joe Biden in 2020: if you want to change the direction of the country, voting isn’t enough. …

Congress Keeps Giving Presidents Too Much Power. Time to Take Some of It Back.

A few days ago, a newsletter called The Daily Shot, which specializes in graphical representations of macroeconomic trends, published a fascinating graph showing that the price of steel in the US was almost $1000 more a tonne than steel prices in Europe, and more than double the price of steel…


The naming proposal by the Florida GOP is an attempt to sew sedition into the fabric of the American landscape

Oh, Florida. Your lunacy just never ends. As the state now leads the Delta uptick in the U.S., hitting an all-time high of coronavirus cases this week, Republican State representative Anthony Sabatini has filed a bill to re-name Florida’s longest road, U.S. Highway 27, which runs from Tallahassee to Miami…

Also fucked, fucking, fucker, motherfucker, and Airbnfuckingbs

The New York Times remains America’s and maybe the world’s single most influential cultural gatekeeper. It’s a last bastion in many ways. As I’m reminded whenever I come across its contortions to avoid…vulgarities.

For instance, after the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a high school cheerleader was free to Snapchat…

NYC’s Ranked Choice Voting debacle only helps Republican politicians cast doubt on the legitimacy of American elections

This is a story about deciding not to write a story, and what that tells us about the challenge of getting people to care about election processes at a time when they’re under attack in states across America.

This was originally going to be a piece about the complete mess…

Vaccination mandates are the new political battleground. And now cruise lines are caught in the middle.

One of the most important stories in American politics right now is the growing fissure between Republicans and big business, which historically was the constituency that Republican politicians, at least, were most invested in protecting. The tension between the GOP and big corporations arose because of the emergence of what’s…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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