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National or foreign policy, the tone set in legislation changes the themes of our lives, especially the lives of those who are most underserved

America’s ongoing border crisis reached headlines yet again when a video surfaced of an altercation between border patrol agents and Haitian refugees at the Del Rio, Texas borderline. The video and subsequent photos show U.S. officials using horses to coral Haitian refugees on foot, many of whom had been traveling…

While you celebrate the new administration, so many of us are still waiting. It is cruel, but usual punishment.

I spent many childhood days in a Bronx welfare office a few feet away from the bustling shops on Fordham Road. The office was in a cement building painted over with gray paint. If you weren’t looking for the metal door that opened into the waiting area, you wouldn’t find…

Time to sound the alarm on all the president’s cheating

President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a campaign rally at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport on September 3, 2020.

Cash-strapped and facing lagging polling numbers, President Trump is cheating — knowingly breaking the norms, rules, and laws of our political system — to remain in power. It’s not as if we shouldn’t have seen this coming: When the Senate failed to remove Trump for threatening to withhold federal aid…

And it has, repeatedly, only to be revolutionized and rebuilt. What kind of country will we create now?

Institutions, like individuals, never change because they realize they ought to; they only ever change because they’re forced to, by crisis, catastrophe. No one goes to their first AA meeting because they recognize that they have a drinking problem and it’s going to get out of hand unless they do…

We’re losing the war on coronavirus — and our country

Throughout these first months of bad news about the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve held out hope we would rise to the occasion and get a grip on the epidemic. Other countries have done it. Why not us? But April was the month I gave up that hope. Yes, the number of…

Census workers were supposed to be in the field now. It could be months before they can knock on doors.

The 2020 U.S. census has been mired in controversies, from the eventually struck-down citizenship question to staffing problems. But in the end, it was an unexpected hurdle — the Covid-19 pandemic — that posed the most serious threat to the census’ success.

Will more people fill out their census online…

Trust Issues

His shocking rise to power was actually 27 years in the making

TThe arrival of Donald Trump on the political scene has been treated by disbelieving pundits, journalists, and politicos not unlike how the appearance of the Mule was treated by the Encyclopedists in Isaac Asimov’s classic Foundation series of science fiction novels (and, for the uninitiated, soon to be an Apple-produced…


What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture.

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