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William Barr

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Attorney General William Barr is demanding Apple weaken its encryption — with disastrous implications for everyone’s security

The Trump administration is now engaged in a multipronged effort to pressure tech companies to weaken encryption protecting the privacy of billions of people. And make no mistake: They are blatantly lying about it to try to get their way.

First, Trump’s Justice Department targeted WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption for messaging late last year. Now, it’s going after Apple and the encryption that prevents criminals or governments from gaining access to the data on your iPhone.

Attorney General William Barr gave a speech this week castigating Apple for “refusing” to help unlock the iPhone of a Saudi national who killed three…

We were told Russia was a hoax, the president was persecuted by Obama, and the real traitors would be locked up. So much for all that.

For months, President Trump and his allies have been salivating over a report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, outlining what they expected would be a tale worthy of a John le Carré novel. Taking a cue from Trump, Fox News and a constellation of right-wing media have promised us that the report would reveal the smoking guns in the deep state’s plot to destroy the president. …

John Durham’s investigation of the Russia probe as a criminal matter is further proof that the Justice Department is a tool for Trump now

I warned you William Barr was the most dangerous man in America.

I warned you he would burn Washington to the ground.

I warned you Barr would shatter the Justice Department into a million fragments.

I warned you Barr would run roughshod over the law, mangle the Constitution, shred the separation of powers, and turn the federal government into a weapon to destroy anyone Donald Trump designates as an enemy. From the moment he manipulated and distorted the findings of the Mueller Report to protect Trump, it was clear that Barr is a living, breathing abuse of power.

As opposed…

This week’s stalemate over an intelligence whistleblower is just the latest example

A photo of William Barr.
A photo of William Barr.

William Barr’s official title is United States Attorney General.

His real job, however, is something quite different: operating a private law firm out of the Department of Justice with one client — the president of the United States.

The result is that to a degree unprecedented in modern American history, the Justice Department has become a partisan arm of the White House. Under Barr’s leadership, the DOJ is running interference for the president, rebuffing congressional efforts to conduct oversight of the executive branch, and, in recent days, blocking revelations that could implicate the president in criminal wrongdoing.

This story begins…

The Trump administration will begin executing federal inmates — a draconian policy that could yield political gains

Fresh off a victory in the Mueller hearings, the Trump administration now has its sights set on enforcing draconian capital punishment policy.

Attorney General William Barr announced Thursday that the U.S. …

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