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In the yoga world’s latest #MeToo episode, activists are rising up against the spiritual institution that failed them

Julie Salter in the 1980s when she was working as the personal assistant to Kuttan Nair, also known as Swami Vishnudevananda. Photo courtesy of Julie Salter.

An ex-disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda reveals a decade of abuse, sparking a crisis in Sivananda yoga that is still unfolding

Great Escape

There was no chisel involved, no rope of bedsheets. But with the help of a willing accomplice, I found a way out.

Illustration: Nicole Ginelli

Kindness, love, and body acceptance are in short supply in the world of work. In female-filled yoga studios, it’s a different story.

Illustration: Rose Wong

Power Trip

It took me 20 years to reclaim my agency and overturn the shame

Meghan Daum

I tried it and I kinda loved it

Credit: Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

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