Who Has It Now? Tracking Covid-19 As It Spreads Through Trumpworld

The Covid cluster in the White House and beyond

Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, and other members of Trump’s inner circle on September 30. Hicks tested positive for Covid the next day. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/ AFP via Getty Images

It was just a matter of time before President Trump caught the novel coronavirus. For months, the White House and the Trump campaign have refused to take strict measures to protect people against Covid-19, often foregoing social distancing and the use of masks while holding large gatherings such as campaign rallies. People who’ve spent time near the president, such as his personal valet and Vice President Pence’s press secretary, were also infected in the past.

In early October, Trump’s negligence finally caught up with him: He announced Oct. 2 that he had tested positive for the virus. News of Trump’s positive test came just hours after revelations that aide Hope Hicks, who regularly spends time in close quarters with the president, was sickened with the virus. Since then, dozens of people in the White House or who have had recent contact with the president’s team have tested positive for the virus.

Ahead, a running list of the people identified as part of the cluster of Covid-19 cases around the president. This list will be updated as new cases are reported.

This story was last updated on Friday, October 9 at 11:30 a.m.

President Trump

The White House said the president first tested positive for the virus on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 1; earlier that day he was in close contact with supporters, unmasked, at a fundraiser in Bedminster, New Jersey. By the evening of Friday Oct. 2, he was in the hospital, where he was treated with medications proven to work only in later-stage, severe Covid-19 infections. On Monday Oct. 5, Trump left the hospital and returned to the White House, where he continued treatment with an experimental antiviral and steroids. The White House has repeatedly refused to disclose when Trump last tested negative for the virus, as he was required to do by the rules of the Sept. 29 presidential debate.

First Lady Melania Trump

FLOTUS also tested positive on the night of Thursday Oct. 1, the White House said. It is unclear if she developed symptoms.

White House aide Hope Hicks

Hicks traveled with Trump to and from the presidential debate on Sept. 29. She then flew again with him to a Minnesota rally on Wednesday, Sept. 30, where she started feeling ill. On Thursday, Oct. 1, she tested positive for the virus.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

McDaniel tested positive for Covid on Wednesday, Sept. 30, but didn’t reveal her diagnosis until the morning of Oct. 2. The chairwoman has developed mild symptoms. She was last seen with President Trump at a fundraiser on Friday, Sept. 25.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee

Lee began experiencing symptoms on Thursday, Oct. 1, for which he sought out a test that came back positive. On Saturday, Sept. 26, he had been at the White House for the ceremony in which Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Lee was maskless as he hugged and interacted with other guests.

Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins

Jenkins announced on Friday, Oct. 2, that he had tested positive for the virus and was experiencing mild symptoms. He also attended Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony at the White House, where he was seen unmasked and shaking hands with guests.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien

Stepien was diagnosed with Covid-19 on the evening of Friday, Oct. 2, after experiencing “mild flu-like symptoms.” The campaign manager had traveled to and from the presidential debate aboard Air Force One, and had been seen interacting with Hope Hicks.

Kellyanne Conway and Claudia Conway

The former White House counselor announced late on Friday, Oct. 2, that she had been infected, shortly after her 15-year-old daughter Claudia broke the news to her followers on TikTok. Kellyanne Conway tweeted that she had mild symptoms, including a “light cough.” Claudia Conway later announced on TikTok that she had been diagnosed with Covid-19, as well.

North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis

Tillis tested positive to the virus on Friday, Oct. 2, just days after he attended the nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett at the White House. He said he was asymptomatic.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson

The senator was tested on Friday afternoon and his positive result was announced on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 3. His spokesman says the senator was not feeling any symptoms and would quarantine. Johnson was the third senator to test positive in just 24 hours.

Chris Christie

The former New Jersey governor announced on Saturday, Oct. 3, that he was infected with the coronavirus. Christie was one of a number of senior campaign aides who helped Trump prepare for the first presidential debate and have since tested positive to the virus, including Bill Stepien and Hope Hicks. Christie previously said that no one on the prep team wore masks during their sessions.

White House aide Nick Luna

Luna, who serves as Trump’s “bodyman,” tested positive for the virus, administration officials confirmed on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 3. He had traveled aboard Air Force One for the Sept. 29 presidential debate and Trump’s rally in Minnesota on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

McEnany announced on Monday, Oct. 5, that she tested positive for Covid-19–just four days after President Trump revealed he was infected. McEnany said she was asymptomatic.

White House communications aides Chad Gilmartin, Karoline Leavitt, Jalen Drummond, and Harrison Fields

Reporter Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg, who broke the news of Hope Hicks’ diagnosis, said three communications aides were among the junior staffers who tested positive for the virus. Gilmartin and Leavitt reportedly were diagnosed before McEnany, while Drummond was in attendance at Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony. A fourth aide, Harrison Fields, was also infected, according to the New York Times.

New York Times reporter Michael D. Shear and his wife

Shear said he was diagnosed with Covid-19 over the weekend following Trump’s diagnosis. He was last at the White House on Saturday, Sept. 26, when an unmasked President Trump spoke to him and other reporters. Shear told Axios on Oct. 6 that his wife had also contracted the virus, likely after being exposed to him.

Photojournalist Al Drago

Drago said he tested positive for the virus on Friday, Oct. 2. He covered the nomination ceremony of Amy Coney Barrett and traveled with President Trump the following day.

Pastor Greg Laurie

Laurie, who leads the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, tested positive on Sunday , Oct. 4, and was experiencing mild symptoms. He was among the guests at Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony in the White House.

John Hagee

Hagee, one of the president’s unofficial evangelical advisers, tested positive for the virus on Friday, Sept. 25. He was last at the White House on September 15—10 days before his diagnosis and within the 14-day incubation window. This was around the time four White House residence staffers tested positive as well.

Four unnamed White House residence staffers

The New York Times reported that four people in the White House residence staff tested positive for Covid-19 in mid-September. The staffers were not in direct contact with the first family. It’s unclear if the infections are related to the recent wider outbreak, as most of the people in Trump’s orbit who’ve tested positive for the virus have had multiple possible exposures.

Lt. Cdr. Jayna McCarron Jayna McCarron

McCarron, a military aide who is in regular contact with President Trump and carries the “nuclear football,” was diagnosed with the virus over the weekend. The information was reported on Oct. 6.

Trump’s personal valet

An unidentified active duty military valet has also been infected with Covid-19. The valet traveled with the president and the first lady the week before their diagnoses.

Adm. Charles W. Ray

The vice commandant of the Coast Guard tested positive for the virus on Monday, Oct. 5. Ray attended a Gold Star families reception at the White House on Sunday, Sept. 27.

Stephen Miller

Trump’s senior policy adviser has been infected with Covid-19, administration officials said on Tuesday, Oct. 6. Miller was a key part of Trump’s debate prep team.

Two unnamed member of the press corps

An unidentified reporter who works at the White House tested positive for the virus, according to an email sent by the White House Correspondents Association on Friday, Oct. 2. A second unnamed member of the press corps tested positive to the virus on Thursday, Oct. 8, per the WHCA.

Gen. Gary Thomas

The assistant commandant of the Marine Corps tested positive for the virus on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Thomas and other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff attended a meeting with Coast Guard admiral Charles Ray the previous week at the Pentagon.

White House security official Crede Bailey

Bailey, a top White House official who leads the security office, was infected with Covid-19 sometime in September. He has been “gravely ill” and hospitalized.

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