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How College Journalists Are Reshaping Media

The future of journalism is being written at America’s college newspapers

College newspapers break real news. But they are also staffed by young journalists who are just beginning to figure out the practice of reporting and editing.

Troy Closson in the newsroom of the ‘Daily Northwestern’ in late 2019. He is now a reporting fellow at the ‘New York Times.’ Photo: Troy Closson

The origins of America’s newspaper industry are plainly partisan, nonobjective, and financially driven.

Forty-four journalists of color at the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ staged a virtual walkout after this headline was published during Black Lives Matter protests in June. Leadership later apologized, and the top editor resigned.

If you have to choose a truth, why wouldn’t you choose the one that protects the oppressed and struggles for justice?

The headquarters of the ‘Cornell Daily Sun.’

“Put a person of color in front, and wham: We fixed diversity! Then, when that person doesn’t fix everything, they fall off the glass cliff.”

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