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The War in Afghanistan had one clear winner: US contractors

A soldier with the 108th Cavalry Regiment secures an old Soviet facility in Afghanistan as they prepare for a “contract rodeo” in 2009. Troops guided more than 100 building contractors on a tour of the facility, which was to be converted into a forward-operating base. (ResoluteSupportMedia / CC-BY)

The chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan has dominated the news cycle over the past day, with every station playing non-stop scenes of abject desparation at the Kabul airport. In the most horrific footage, Afghan civilians can be seen clinging to the wheels of departing US transports and falling to their deaths as the planes gain altitude. This tragic episode marks an abrupt end to two…




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Justin Ward

Justin Ward

Journalist and activist. Founder and co-chair of DivestSPD. Bylines at SPLC, The Baffler, GEN, USA Today. Follow on Twitter: @justwardoctrine, @DivestSPD

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