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The smoking section at The Uptown Nightclub on Telegraph Avenue. California banned indoor smoking in 1995. Photographs by .

Who’s Burning Down Oakland?

After a fire destroyed the only place I could afford to live, I knew it was time to leave for good

MyMy wife and I were sleeping when the fire began. We were startled awake by the muffled sound of our neighbor, Jake, banging on our door. “Everybody out!” he shouted. I stumbled downstairs and could see the hallway outside was filled with thick white…




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“A lot of tenants want to believe the court process is fair, that there will be sympathy because…

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A bustling urban square in Antigua with fountains, flowers, and benches

Detroit’s Problem Is Not Abandoned Houses, It’s The Homes We Live In.

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Rian Dundon

Rian Dundon

Photographer + writer. Former Timeline picture editor.

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