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Women Nonbelievers Still Face Intolerance, Despite Growing Numbers

A new survey of nonreligious women in America details discrimination at work, school, and within families


Today, when three in 10 Americans are religiously unaffiliated, one might reasonably expect acceptance of nonbelievers. It seems fair to imagine freethinking women — many of…




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Image descriptions: Text reads “Crystal Kwan.”Image of scattered native Georgia flora over a layered watercolor background in shades of pink, blue and purple. Flora include: Crossvine (with bee), and a Cherokee Rose. At the center is a circle image of Crystal smiling at the camera, outside in the sun, wearing a nose septum ring, ear piercings and beautiful beaded necklaces. Crystal is standing in front of a brightly colored progress pride flag. Below is the text, “There are a lot of other people

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Sarah Stankorb

Sarah Stankorb

Sarah Stankorb is a contributor to GEN. Other works in The Washington Post, Marie Claire, Glamour, O, and The Atlantic. @sarahstankorb

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