Drew Magary

Which of the Democratic Contenders Are Actually Republicans?

A handy guide before the ‘Democratic’ primaries officially kick off

Drew Magary
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1 min readOct 17, 2019
Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images
  1. Cory Booker: Democrat
  2. Joe Biden: Republican
  3. Pete Buttigieg: Republican
  4. Julián Castro: Democrat
  5. Kamala Harris: Democrat. Barely.
  6. Beto O’Rourke: Democrat
  7. Amy Klobuchar: HUGE Republican
  8. Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders
  9. Elizabeth Warren: Democrat
  10. Andrew Yang: Democrat
  11. Tulsi Gabbard: Republican
  12. Tom Steyer: He’s a billionaire, so he’s a Republican. Why can’t he just fuck off already? I still get spam from this asshole.



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